The Home of Hope


All Hope Spirits are distilled on site

As the first licensed small batch distillery in Cape Town, Hope Distillery has come a long way from when it launched with just one stainless steel pot still and a small column still.

The resulting soft and smooth finish is of exacting quality and can be served neat or with a mixer. This juniper-forward gin is infused with seven botanicals using a combination of maceration and vapour infusion.


The perfect accompaniment to special moments
Hope Distillery is constantly experimenting and striving for excellence, mixing up new ideas and honing our unique formulas in our custom-built distillery.
Our spirits are conceptualised by Lucy Beard and then perfected in our stills, Mildred, Mouma, Maude and Mad Mary, which are named after Lucy and co-founder Leigh Lisk’s grandmothers. Our team and stills work tirelessly to ensure maximum smoothness is achieved in all our batches.

Hope Distillery is the proud owner of the first stills ever to be licensed by the City of Cape Town, making us the city’s original small batch distillery. Numbered 001 and 002, the stills are known as Mildred (a stainless steel pot still) and Maude (originally a stainless steel column still, and now adapted to be used for gin). As our business expanded, we added a further stainless pot still, Mouma, and a beautiful hybrid copper still, Mad Mary.


The latest addition to the team, Mad Mary, is a magnificent copper hybrid still in which the Hope gins are distilled.

Originally an eight-plate rectification still, Maude is named in honour of Lucy’s grandmother, and she has been adapted to keep abreast of Distillery changes and is now used for distilling some of the family gins.

Our two large stainless steel pot stills are named after co-founders Leigh Lisk and Lucy Beard’s grandmothers. Mildred was our original pot still, who did all the hard work initially and was soon joined by Mouma, converted from our mash tun.

A visit to the Oranjezicht City Farm Market in Cape Town to pick up olives for our Hope Mediterranean Gin saw us falling in love with a male rescue pup. He was promptly adopted from Sidewalk Specials and has permanently joined the Hope Distillery team. Mr Scruff – no longer mange-ridden and not quite as scruffy – is usually about to welcome you.

Every good distillery needs a cat and Mimo is delighted to have been relocated from a flat in rainy London to a large, warm and sunny warehouse in Salt River, Cape Town. Tasked with keeping the distillery free from prying mice, he spends most of his days curled up on the couch in the Tasting Room. But he does do his daily rounds checking that all in the Hope Distillery remains in place and is in good working order.

Resident distillery cat, Mimo was suitably unimpressed when he was joined by a younger brother, rescued from a beach in Elands Bay. Young Martini is desperate to win Mimo over, but when he’s tired of trying to impress his fellow feline, you can find Martini asleep in the Distillery office.